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Our Values

  • Highest quality jerky we can possibly provide to our customers
  • Most competitive pricing for quality
  • Excellent customer service that goes above and beyond expectations
  • Providing a wide range of flavors that keeps our customers' experience exciting and fresh

Our Mission

The true mission of Chew On This - Jerky is to provide the best craft jerky one could ask for, along with the best customer service that everyone deserves. It's our love of Jerky that makes us strive to be the best in flavor, quality, and price. We aim to provide you with both traditional and exciting new flavors, making your jerky experience more of a hobby than just a snack.

Enjoy Our Jerky...

...while camping, hiking, golfing, bike riding, or playing sports. Our jerky is for parents always on the go, long car rides, hours in an airplane, or hunger pains at the office desk. Chew On This - Jerky has created the perfect snack to help get you through your day.


I have always been a jerky lover since I was a little kid and this Jerky is "hand's down" one of my favorites. To me, jerky has two important factors, First is flavor then second is the texture. The texture of this jerky is spot on.It has the perfect bite to it, the more you chew, the more tender it becomes.I absolutely love this jerky. It has the flavor and texture just like it is homemade. It taste's like jerky should.

Stephanie - Cumberland, MD.