Our Story

Eric & Grace

Eric & Grace Bowlus

After spending 40-plus years in the food manufacturing industry, we decided it was time to try something new and different. Thus, Chew-On This-Jerky. LLC was born! After making jerky at home from scratch and sharing it with family, friends, co-workers and more, we realized it was time to take our craft jerky to the next level … with flavors that will delight your taste buds in every way!

The true mission of Chew On This-Jerky, LLC is to provide the highest quality jerky anyone could ask for, and to give our customers the kind of service that makes everyone happy. It is our love of jerky that makes us strive to be the best. We want everyone to enjoy our beloved jerky snacks and have a happy and memorable eating experience.

As we have created our flavors over the years, we’ve tried to keep everyone’s taste buds in mind. From mild Traditional Western Beef Jerky to our hot and spicy Sriracha Beef Jerky, and everything in between, we hope we have achieved our goal. Every month we plan to add a new flavor so the choices will continue to grow. We also listen to you, our customers, since it is you we are here to please. SO, feel free to reach out to us with your comments, and enjoy our jerky to the fullest!